Hard Yoga Services

HARD Yoga provides services that complement the physical asanas of yoga to keep mind and body refreshed and flourishing.


Explore our ever-changing calendar of offerings from ongoing opportunities for nutrition counseling and Reiki healing, to retreats, pop-up shops, community events and more. One of the unique things about HARD yoga is that we are more than just movement, we are community.


HARD Yoga’s holistic health store provides trusted, all-natural medicinal products and beauty remedies. Included is our CBD recovery and advanced eye recovery serum. Shop with us today!


HARD Yoga is Monica’s signature vinyasa based hatha yoga class that incorporates a variety of yoga philosophies and strength modalities to achieve a broader workout aimed to balance and advance the body and mind alike.


Make your birthday or special event memorable with your very own yoga class. Invite guests for an experience they will never forget and share the gift of yoga.


Learn about your personal energy and how to maximize your experience through individualized yoga, meditation, nutrition and therapy. Each person is a unique combination of energy which has entirely different nutritional and physical needs. Monica can show you what foods will maximize your nutritional profile and which foods should be avoided. Learn about the many dietary theories and how they work with your body. / $149 session.


Monica can create a unique yoga/ nutrition / meditation/ Ayurveda experience that is designed for you. Wether you want one session or many, you will learnl the yoga postures and Monica will create a unique program for you and your family to follow with or without her instruction for years to come.


Monica can create a unique nutrition plan for you based on your Ayurvedic energy combination, your desired goals, and your lifestyle. Monica uses a number of resources when in comes to nutrition to create a unique plan that works with you bodies energy, your blood type, your desired goals, and your lifestyle. Nutrition is individualized, period. No two people will follow the exact same path which is why people are so lost. Monica will clear up misinformation surrounding the world of nutrition and get nutrition working for you and not against you.

Hard Yoga Services

If you’re interested in learning more about any services described here or you’d like to check availability, please contact us for more information.

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